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    As Rugby Union starts to gather a bit of University Of Your Mom Shirt in the US, some professional players from the rest of the world are beginning to come into it. One of the highest profile signings so far is probably Ben Foden, who has 34 appearances for England to his name. Ben has signed for Rugby United New York for the 2019 season. If club rugby gains a foothold in the USA, it may start to see American Football players, particularly those who play for their college but aren’t drafted to the NFL switching sports, as there is no real opportunity to play to a high standard and be paid after college outside the NFL that I’m aware of.

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    Do it because it sucks putting up Christmas decorations. It sucks putting up the tree, untangling all the lights, getting all that crap out of University Of Your Mom Shirt storage and tossing around with meaningless baubles like each placement is life-or-death perfectionist fun. And we want to get the most out of that effort. Depending on how many “helpers” I have, it can take one to four hours just putting up the tree. (It’s frealistic, over two metres tall, and has individual coded branches.) The more helpers, the longer it takes. And it’s hot where we live. By the end I’m peed off, drenched, covered in sweat, and I haven’t even done the lights yet. Which are tangled to f*&#. Then the kids pull out all the decorations and place them random patchy over the lower sections of the tree, despite encouragement to maybe spread them around (and make it look goodish). So I wait for them to go to school the next day and redo all the decorations. It’s basically a couple days work for all the Chrissy dex.

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    At that point I had a steady girl-friend, but also a University Of Your Mom Shirt good friend Robin. I was suppose to meet my girl-friend on Christmas Eve, but around 7:00 PM my friend Robin calls me up and tells me her mom has been bummed about about Christmas and there are no decorations at their home. She asked me, “Will you go get a Christmas tree with me?” That put me in a real dilemma with my girl-friend, but sometimes you have to do the right thing…so I called my girl-friend and told her what I had to do, she was cool. My friend Robin had lost her father when she was very young, and her mother never remarried her entire life. I sort of knew why because one day while over Robin’s house, she had a box of letters that her dad had written to her mom while he was a soldier, and we read them together…very old letters, but expressed who he was.

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    Many Koreans were trying to close the gap between the official ideological attitude of the University Of Your Mom Shirt and how actual Koreans really feel about holidays,” Kim said. Everything in Korea shuts down for three days, so it’s not a good time to visit South Korea, Kim joked. Like many other Asian countries that observe Lunar New Year, this means Korea basically observes two New Year holidays, although not everyone observes them equally seriously. “There is a kind of recognition that what people do, that should be reflected in our democracy,” Kim said. “I felt that there is a kind of shift in this mood … that Korean society was changing towards that direction. So in that sense, Lunar New Year … is an interesting symbol of that change.” Kim doesn’t have any serious plans for Seollal this year, except to send out hand-drawn cards and exchange some gifts with his brother. After all, holidays don’t require thousands of people or cacophonous song-and-dances — all you need are your loved ones and the promise of a fresh start.


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