Once a Bmw girl always a Bmw girl shirt

I used to drive to work on some back roads. They were a blast and when I was done and home I felt like you feel at the end of a wild roller coaster ride when coming into the gate; whoohoo! Exactly like that. I seriously looked forward to getting into my car every time. I was excited at the prospect of driving it.

So I’ll give you an anecdote. I caveat this with don’t do this at home.

On my way home one afternoon a Mustang 5.0 came up behind me, driving aggressively. I was just in commuting mode and going at or just over the speed limit. As he came up behind me, I couldn’t help but notice he wanted me out of his way. At the time I had a 2005 325i. His problem was that the back roads were almost all double yellow line so he was stuck behind me. Thus, he tail gated me, hard. I said, “”Ok I know these roads and every curve, let’s see what you got.”

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